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Sarah Toddler Quilt


Our Sarah Toddler quilt is a contemporary classic of pink and grey florals.
Due to the to the hand-made nature of our quilts, there are slight variations in each quilt. No two pieces are identical as the beauty of our heirloom quilts lies in each product's uniqueness.

The quilt measures 40″ x 60″.


20 in stock (also available on backorder)

Product Description

Our Jaipuri quilts are handcrafted in India using traditional block printing techniques. The quilts are 100% cotton from the top and back to the binding. Our artisans first create the outer cover using block stamps to create each individual floral motif, a process that can take up to two weeks. Once the outer shell is printed and has dried, it is hand-filled with cotton to ensure even distribution and softness. The quilt is then hand stitched using cotton thread for durability and longevity.

Each quilt is an individual work of art.

The Sarah Toddler quilt measures 40″ wide by 60″ long and is a perfect fit for a toddler bed or as a decorative quilt in a baby room.

The Sarah Toddler quilt can be machine washed on a delicate cycle, but for best results, hand wash or dry clean.